Ukiko Shiba Tanigawa

Ukiko Shiba Tanigawa, much loved by friends and family, passed February 28, 2017. Born on a strawberry and cantaloupe farm in Brawley, California, she spent early years on Terminal Island before attending high school in Manzanar Relocation Camp. She says she enjoyed her time there. Uki worked for the U. S. Occupation in Japan, teaching democratic principles. Through friends and experiences there, she became a lifelong fan of Japan and its people. After meeting Herbert Hayato Tanigawa at the University of Michigan, they moved to Honolulu, where Uki worked at Oahu Construction, joined the Hawaii Potters' Guild, and raised two children, Naomi Noe and Michael. Uki taught Japanese School and made sure her grand- children, Katie, Sam, Ming, and Cole, were surrounded both by Japanese culture and her own special joie de vivre. She enjoyed calligraphy and flower arranging at Jodo Mission of Hawai'i, where final services were held.